How to configure which cells are displayed on the TSIM Admin Console

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    TrueSight Infrastructure Management


    TSIM Administration Console/CLI


    TrueSight 10.x, 11.x


    How do users configure which cells are displayed on the TSIM Admin Console?


    Access to a cell is based on the usergroups setting supplied by the iadmin command

    Once the iadmin command is executed the <TSIM_Install_Location>/pw/pronto/conf/cell_info.list file on the TSIM server is updated
    # Example:
    cell               test   mc                                                  Production          *
    cell.Admin    IAC   mc    localhost:1828                                                                Production           *
    cell.SIM        qa     mc           Test                  "UserGroup1, UserGroup2"

    Now that the cell is registered with the TSIM, log on to the TSIM via the TrueSight Administration console.
    Select Edit => Configure=> Administration Settings.
    Click on the Impact Managers tab
    You will see a list of available cells on the left that are not already added to the Selected cells on the right

    User-added image

    Just select the cell(s) you want and drag them over to the desired location under the Selected Impact Managers.



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