Remedy Smart Reporting - "ERROR (8790): Unknown system error org.springframework.transaction" with Dedicated AR Server on Read Only Database

Version 12
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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    Smart Reporting SP4


    Use case:
    Smart reporting is connected to a dedicated AR Server with Replicated Database

    Only a few users or all users(except for report admin users) get the below error when running reports.

    • "ERROR (8790): Unknown system error; org.springframework.transaction.TransactionSystemException: Could not commit JPA transaction; nested exception is javax.persistence.RollbackException: Transaction rolled back because transaction was set to RollbackOnly."



    Defect SW00548511 or SW00550261


    Important Notes

    • From 9.1 SP 04, Dedicated AR server is always part of Server Group. The User License Management is different in Standalone and Server Group environment. In standalone AR Server, User session is stored in Server Cache which is In-Memory. In Server Group, the User information is add the in the database and it will be shared among other server instances.
    • There is a hotfix available for the below scenario, fixed in 1808 (SW00548511 or SW00550261). AR needs to be on Patch 2 ( to apply the hotfix:     
      1. When the Remedy user login into the AR & Smart Reporting, the server identifies the current logged in user
      3. Server will add the User License information in servgrp_userlic database table
      5. Since the DB is read only it will fail add the User License information, resulting in the Error: 8790
    Other Observations  
    • Restarting AR server may resolve the issue, but over the time the issue occurs again; some other cases, this might not be the case where restarting doesn't make any changes
    • Normally, when SR is connected to a dedicated AR with Read-Only DB, arerror log should have a warning that the DB is operating in read-only mode; if that doesn't seem to be the case, it's already a hint there that it could be due to a wrong configuration, in which case:     
    • If above doesn't fix the issue, try the below steps:     
      • Review CCS config on AR -> The read-only AR should not point to prod DB, but read-only DB instead; if it's there, delete and re-enter the value to make sure it is correct/has been saved in the backend
      • Check if ar.cfg has read/write by making a small modification, save, and review -> revert change once this has been tested
      • Move/Delete backups of bundle cache from the ARSystem install folder is any is lingering around
      • Perform the same for ar.cfg backups the customer has made (Move them to a different folder)
      • Restart and Test


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