RSSO - Local User Management no users in list for group assignment

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    Remedy Single Sign On


    Remedy Single Sign On


    All versions up to and including 18.08


    When realm ID contains underscore symbol, list of available local users for role/group assignment is empty, though there are local users enabled for the realm.


    defect DRSMX-15174


    Steps to reproduce.
    1. Create realm Cola_Local with LOCAL authentication.
    2. On LUM page assign several users to this realm
    3. Open Groups (Roles) tab and create a group for this realm.
    4. Edit the group
    Expected result: The list of available local users is displayed
    Actual result: The list of users is empty

    This also is a problem with the / character.

    This is a known defect and is fixed in RSSO 18.11 and above.
    The workaround is to remove the underscore from the realm name. 

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