HMC and Console Automation Server failed to start Automatically after reboot (MVCM MVCA)

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    A situation has occurred where an MVCM Automation Server has not restarted after a system reboot, even though the startup type is set as Automatic Startup.


    Unknown at this time, although it is likely caused during an upgrade which skips multiple versions.


    In MVCM most of the CCS and Automation Server configuration information, including startup mode, is stored in a database. This database is read by the MVCM configuration web page. A small bit of this configuration is written to an XML file, which is used by an MVCM service manager to determine what CCS and Automation services to start at system boot time.

    If the startup information in the database and the XML file are out of sync you can end up in a situation where (a) the MVCM web configuration page will show that the CCS and/or Automation services are set to start automatically, but (b) they will not start because the XML file shows the services set to manual start up. This will cause a situation where the CCS and/or Automation services will not start after a system reboot.

    If there is a situation where an MVCM server does not start after a reboot, and the configuration for that service shows the service is set to start automatically:

    1. Make a saved configuration and download it to your PC. Click on Saved Configurations in the MVCM configuration web page, click Create to make a new saved configuration, then click Download to save the configuration to your desktop.

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    2. Open the Saved Configuration zip file and extract the "servers.xml" file from the "servicemanager" directory. Save this to your Documents directory but give it a different name like "bad_servers.xml". 

    3. In the MVCM web configuration, stop the CCS and/or Automation server which is not starting automatically and edit it. Change the startup type to Manual Startup and click Save. 

    4. Edit the service again and change the startup type back to Automatic and save again. 

    5. Restart the service server again. 

    6. Make another saved configuration, download it and extract the new servicemanager servers.xml file. 

    7. Edit both files in a text editor. Search for the name of the service, and check the "start-mode": 
      Start-mode "1" is manual startup:  
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      Start-mode "0" is automatic: 
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