DWP Advanced/Basic - Troubleshooting and how to Collect DWP/UX logs in Debug Mode

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    BMC Digital Workplace Advanced




    MyIT (all); DWP Advanced/Basic (all until 18.11) NOTE: on 19.02 and beyond you can enable these logs under the admin Console


    Steps to collect DWP/UX logs in Debug Mode


    Please, follow the below steps:

    1.-  Go to the Tomcat's external-conf  directory.

     NOTE: Tomcat version may vary, please make sure to use yours.

    • C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat8.0\external-conf\
    • /opt/apache/tomcat8.5/external-conf/
    2. - Edit   logback.xml  under the above directory  
    •       Do a search on name="com.bmc.bsm" level="WARN"
    •       Replace to name="com.bmc.bsm" level="DEBUG"
    Note: For previous DWP Versions (MyIT 18.02 and older) To enable/disable debug logging, then edit below line in config.js


    //Log config
        "profile": false,
        "log_level": "DEBUG",
        "log_conf": {


    3.Open the Browser and clear the cache or open up a new incognito-private window 

    4. Hit   F12 on the keyboard 
        Here's a video if your not familiar with it. 

    5. Click on   Network Tab and Select   XHR

    6. Reproduce use case/issue 

    7. Take screenshots/note of the   Request Header and   Response Header with errors, these will be shown in red/yellow colors, i.e. POST 500 or 404 responses. 

            NOTE: If you do know how to capture fiddler log, you can do that instead, and skip steps 4,5 and 7. 
           Use any tool of your preference.   We do not support/recommend any particular tools
           Here's a video for a specif tool.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pTlA3AG4W8

    8. Share the  dwp/ux logs which were generated while reproducing the issue. 
           DWP/MyIT -    From 18.05 and beyond  
    •      /opt/bmc/DWP/DWP/Logs - Linux
    •       \Program Files\BMC Software\DWP\DWP\Logs -- Windows
          SmarIT-MyIT - From 3.2.x to 18.02  
    • \Program Files\BMC Software\Smart_IT_MyIT\Smart_IT_MyIT\Logs  - Windows
    •  /opt/bmc/Smart_IT_MyIT/Smart_IT_MyIT/Logs - Linux
       NOTE: You can also get logging from the url:  
    • /dwp/rest/test/logs/dwp.log
    • /ux/rest/test/logs/ux.log
    9. On   DWP 19.02 and beyond, you can enable   debug mode, under DWP Admin Console 


    10.- After you're finish, revert back changes done in Step 2. 
            Go back to step to and do the opposite
           Edit   logback.xml  under the above directory  
    •       Do a search on name="com.bmc.bsm" level="DEBUG"
    •       Replace to name="com.bmc.bsm" level="WARN"
    11. - Send the logs to support. 



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