Custom fields on Asset forms are not editable in when fields are added to CMDB using Class Manager

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    When fields are added to CMDB using Class Manager, running SyncUI brings those fields to Asset forms. When these forms are opened & saved using Developer Studio, some times these newly added fields are not clickable.


    The problem stems from Developer Studio where when after the Sync UI is done & the form is saved using Developer Studio. At this time, the fields are assigned z-index (one of CSS property). The problem arises when Developer Studio is not able to assign this z-index properly, as a result, though the filed appears fine, it's not clickable. The reason is the z-index of fields is set to a lower value than that of Panel or Panel holder, as a result, the Panel is nearer than the field. So, you cannot click on that.

    Please do either of the following to resolve it (A or B):

    Perform following changes in midtier server:
    -> Go to midtier\resources\standard\stylesheets\ARSystem.css 
    -> Take a back-up of ARsystem.css
    ->Add /correct the below line in ARsystem.css file
    .updateZIndex { z-index: 9999 !important; } 
    -> Save file. 

    Perform following changes in Developer Studio:

    -> Open DeveloperStudio 
    -> Open form and select the newly created field-Open Properties 
    -> Click Display->Custom CSS Style=updateZIndex 
    -> Save the form.
    ->Flush the Midtier and browser cache
    -> Verify the newly created field in Mid-Tier. 

    -> Open form in Developer Studio
    -> Select the desired panel (e.g. "Cutom0") & open its properties
    ->  Under Display, set Layout Type = Fill (older value would be XY)
    ->Save the form
    ->Flush Midtier and Browser cache .
    ->Verify the behavior in Mid-Tier.
    Note-The fields will clutter after saving changes hence need to re-align them i.e. re-align the way they were previously or keep them as they are.

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