Remedyforce How to create a Template to Assign a Record to a Queue?

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    Remedyforce Winter '19


    How to create a Template to Assign a Queue to a Record?


    To create a Template to assign a Queue follow below steps:

    1. Go to Remedyforce Administration.
    2. Click on Configure Application
    3. Click on Templates
    4. Click on New
    5. Select Template for with the Record object you need
    6. Type Name and Description
    7. On the Field Mapping Select "Owner ID"
    8. Select the Queue.
    9. Save the record.

    Note: If you mark "System Template" Checkbox the Tamplate will be available only for Workflow's Field Updates and Process Builders, It won't be available on Remedyforce Console

    You can apply this template manually from Remedyforce Console using the Template Name Field or you can create a workflow to Automatically assign based on criteria.


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