Smart Reporting - Private report ownership change

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    Smart Reporting


    How to change ownership of private reports when the owner leaves the company?



    • Make sure to perform a backup of the database prior to any change on the Smart Reporting metadata database
    • Make sure to perform this updates with the service down
    1.- Find the "IpPerson" number for the user that leaves the company and for the user that will take ownership of the reports 

    Sample query (Replace firstname and lastname): 

    select * from person where LastName = 'Allbrook' and FirstName = 'Allen' 

    2.- Run below queries with the numbers obtained on step one, for this example 407237 is the user that leave and 458689 is the user that will be the new owner 

    Sample queries:  

    update Reportheader set ipcreator = '458689' where ipcreator = '407237'


    update accesslevel set accessgroupid = '458689' where accessgroupid = '407237'






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