Recording - The Investigate Tool in TrueSight Capacity

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    This is the recording of the The Investigate Tool in TrueSight Capacity event held on 3/13/19. Thanks to Dima Seliverstov for presenting. The audience was active and engaged. Hey Matt Laurenceau, we had 40 attendees!


    Attached is the presentation Dima used and the Q&A transcript. We also had 4 follow up items.

    • YouTube videos: The questions was specifically about 11.5 content which is not yet available. When it is, it will be posted in one of these two channels below:
      • TrueSight Capacity playlist in BMC Docs or the new TrueSight Capacity channel
      • [Apologies for the multiple places: BMC Docs is our traditional repository, is used by everyone at BMC and has a lot of good stuff, the new Capacity specific channel was created by and will be used by our Support team. So there will be some content overlap]
    • Licensing: Here is the link to our public documentation on licensing for TrueSight Capacity Optimization. If you have questions that aren't answered there, it's best to contact support.
    • Ad-hoc collections and workloads: The question was in regards to 11.3 but the information here is generally applicable.
    • Timezone differences for presentation and API: This was asked by Darryl Day and requires more help than I can provide - Dima Seliverstov or Mike West, perhaps Darryl can give more details in the comments below and you can help?