Cannot access MyIT or TSOM after applying this hotfix - RSSO_1802_2018NOV27_CU_ALL

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    Remedy Single Sign On


    Remedy SSO 18.02


    Cannot access MyIT or TSOM after applying this hotfix - RSSO_1802_2018NOV27_CU_ALL 

    It was throwing HTTP 500 error on MyIT or TSOM page, here is the screenshot  :

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    All files from hotfix was not copied correctly on RSSO server


    According to the log file “”, It was giving below error :

    SEVERE [http-nio-8443-exec-3] org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationDispatcher.invoke Servlet.service() for servlet LoginServlet threw exception
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.bmc.rsso.servlet.ViewServletHelper$ResponseMethod

    Which means that below file was not copied/replaced properly :

    Found that cp command on linux was not copying file with $ (Special character) in name.
    Upon search in Google found out that you cannot copy files with names containing $ (and some other special characters) in LINUX. 

    Change the commands to have single quotes around the file name and copy all of the patch files to resolve this issue.

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