After installing Control-M/Agent version 9.0.19 on a Unix / Linux platform all jobs submitted to the Agent are stuck in a yellow / executing state when IPV6 is enabled.

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    Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Agent for Unix 9.0.19; Unix / Linux ; IPV6



    When the TCP/IP stack is configured for dual-stack environment with preferred protocol set to IPV6 and  Control-M/Agent is configured to run with DUAL mode using the steps from the following link, jobs running on that Control-M/Server hang in an executing state and will not complete.

    The Control-M/Agent Tracker Worker process does not connect back to the parent Tracker process to make the Tracker process aware that job ended.
    ATWxxxx.log file is generated with error msg: 
    ATWxxx:OS_COMM_sess_write: write error: Broken pipe




    Defect: CTM-1620 - Agent V19 - when Agent is configured with IPV6 or DUAL, jobs are hanging in execution status and won’t complete.


    Option 1:
    Install point patch on the Control-M/Agent where the jobs are hanging.
    Use EPD or BMC FTP server to download the patch.

    If you are upgrading from previous release of 9.0.18 or lower then no workaround is required because by default the product was shipped with Option 2 already set.
    Below Options are required only new installs of Agent 9.0.19 on Unix/Linux platforms where the preferred protocol is set to IPV6.See Note 1 below

    Option 2:
    Disable IPV6 on the Control-M/Agent host where the jobs are hanging by using the link mentioned above.
    NOTE: This is only possible if IPV4 can be used in the environment.

    Option 3:
    Configure Agent tracker to run in a single thread mode.
    Right click the Control-M Agent in the Control-M Configuration Manager (CCM)
    Select "Control-M/Agent System Parameters..."
    Look for a parameter named "MULTITRACK_ENABLED" and change its value from "Y" to "N"
    Restart the Control-M/Agent.

    Note 1:
    To determine if the preferred protocol is IPV6 run command "ifconfig"


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