MVMQS - ATTACH=IMM usage when getting BBMXC773E No Targets are active message

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    ATTACH=IMM usage when getting BBMXC773E No Targets are active message


    In BBIJNTxx, there are two options in ATTACH= parameter (DEFER or IMM).   DEFER is the default. MVMQ V5.4 User Guide says:
    For JNT entries, specifying ATTACH=IMMEDIATE will cause the service point attach to occur even if the Queue Manager is not running.

    • Note
       CT1000D will only be issued when ATTACH=IMMEDIATE is coded and the target Queue Manager is inactive. BBS1123D will no longer be issued to the console or BBIJRNL. Instead, BBS1123I will be issued to the console only. BBS1128I will be issued when a service point is detached.
    We do not recommend using ATTACH=IMM since MVMQ V5.4 User Guide says:
    When ATTACH=IMMEDIATE is set, MQ Dynamic Context will not be available. It is not a recommended option but is supported for consistency.


    In this case, with ATTACH=IMM worked fine and CT1000D message was issued successfully. Yet, without ATTACH=, no CT1000D message was issued.

    It is because 
    MVMQ V5.4 does not support MQ V7.1, only V8.0 and above.  Thus the MVMQ PAS does not try to do a service point attach for an MQ V7.1 system unless ATTACH=IMM are specified (to do immediate attach).


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