MVMQS - what is a reasonable value of an average latency on QP view

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    An average latency (on view QP) of two seconds are showing when over 6 million MQGET's are done in about 10 days. There are only 864,000 seconds in 10 days, so how can the messages are remaining on the queue, on average, for two seconds? 


    We cannot tell whether the average latency of 2 sec is reasonable by the number of seconds in 10 days and the number of MQGETs performed.   There could be lots of MQGETs calls that falls below the 2 second threshold. There can be multiple TCBs/applications  doing GETs and PUTs against the same  queue.  Some can take less than 2 sec, and some can take more.  The 2 seconds is just the average.  We calculate the latency value by subtracting the PUT time (from MQMD) from the current time. 

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