Find all devices that have a specific file using the step "Verify file existence"

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    I want to list all devices that have a pst, or any other specific (type of) file, then create a dynamic device group out of this list and finally assign an operational rule on these devices only.

    I want to list all devices that have a pst, or any other specific (type of) file, then generate a report to list them all.


    The step "Verify file existence" will check for the file existence, then if found it will add it to its custom inventory. 

    This step is interesting because once the custom inventory containing the file existence will be uploaded to the master, you will have a new query criterion in Custom inventory > _Name_Of_The_Instance_ , which is the name you have set in the field "Custom Inventory instance Name" of the step "Verify file existence". You'll then be able to create dynamic device groups from a query, matching on this, along with the ability to create reports to list these devices and files.

    The operational rule has to contain two more steps:

    Step 1- Clean Custom Inventory
    This step is required, else if the file was detected before and therefore added to the custom inventory of that device then  the entry will never get deleted from the custom inventory if this step is not there to clean the entry before you reexecute the operational rule.

    To know how to set this you must refer to the next step configuration:
    - set the field "Object Type" to "FileSearch"
    - set the field "Object Name" to the name you will set in the field "Custom Inventory Instance Name" of the new step, and add a wildcard at the end of this value. e.g "File search Test2*" in this example.

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    Step 2: Verify File Existence
    For this example I'll only look for one file. Set the step accordingly:
    - the name(s) of the file(s) you are looking for in the first field 
    - the name(s) of the directory(ies) you want to search in
    You can use wildcards if there are several files to search for, or add a list of files and even a list of directory to look in if you need. You can also match on the size and date if you need.

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    Step 3: Update Custom Inventory
    If you don't add this step, the custom inventory will get generated locally, but as for any step that updates the local custom inventory it will never get uploaded to the master, and you will therefore not see the data in the console, nor be able to query and report on it as examples.

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    - It is not mandatory to check "Force Upload", if checked it'll update the last inventory date in the console even though there's no change since the last search so you know it has run. If unchecked it will run locally and if there's no change it won't update the last custom inventory update date in the console. 
    - You must always check "Differential Upload" when working with inventories, apart from troubleshooting. If you don't check it it will use more bandwidth, but even worse it can use a lot of space in yoru database if you have a lot of clients and/or that you run very frequent inventory updates.

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