MVAlarms - How to set up 'Alarm Parameter File' via ALPARML view

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    MVAlarms - How to set up 'Alarm Parameter File' via ALPARML view


    How to set up 'Alarm Parameter File' via ALPARML view:
    Steps are:
    1) Open CASINFO view.
       Save the value displayed in 'CAS Name' in your notepad.
    2) Open EZALARMS view. Hyperlink on '.Alarm Parameters' option under 'Other' section. It will open ALPARML view.
    3) In ALPARML view, issue ADD from the primary command line. 
    4) In 'Add a new Alarm Parameter File' panel, fill in -        
            o Set 'Alarm Parameter Name:' field 
                ==> with the value that you captured from CASINFO view on the step 1).        
            o Set 'Description:' field with your own description.        
            o Set 'Groups to Activate at initialization' field with the alarm group name such as PER        
    5) PF3 out back to ALPARML view.  
    6) Open AMD view. 
    7) Go to SDSF, issue the following modify commands against CAS address space:
       /F cas_proc,MVA,HALT ALARMS
       /F cas_proc,MVA,START ALARMS
    ==> Check the command response and make sure that the alarm parameter file is successfully read and the specified alarm group (such as PER) is pulled and automatically activated.

    chmod and chown commands requires that the user id who will issue the commands need the superuser authority in unix.
    chmod -R 777 /hfspath
    chown -R xxxxxxxx /hfspath where xxxxxxxx is the USERID of CAS address space

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