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    MainView for z/OS


    User is trying to get data from the JSOVERZ view, but instead receives messages:  

    BBMXBD15I There is no data that satisfies your request 
    -Related:BBMXBD23I 0 records presented by the product 

    No data collectors are turned off in BBDTDCDL. 


    Make sure to enable job step data collection using PARMLIB member BBDJSTxx.

    Using the BBDJST00 PARMLIB member

      • allows you to eliminate collection of job step-related information for single-step address spaces where the information collected at the step level would be identical to that information collected at the address space level
      • allows you to specify only the jobs or job steps that you want MainView for z/OS to monitor, thus reducing potential overhead
      • allows you to maintain control over the impact on historical data sets by limiting the number of job steps being monitored
      • allows you to activate Batch Optimizer support in MainView for z/OS
    To activate a newly edited PARMLIB member, modify the PAS with DC=STOP followed by DC=START. 


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