Remedyforce Monthly Newsletter: March 2019 Edition

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    As the Irish say, "Two people shorten the road" and your designated BRM intends to do just that.  We are here to guide, advise and help you navigate your way to success so the road rises up to meet you.  We are so excited to introduce BMC's Run & Reinvent Podcast. Listen to BRM Jennifer Schertz's customer Goodman Manufacturing being interviewed by John Fulton, make sure to subscribe!  Join us in congratulating Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital in this month's Customer Spotlight.  Their success story and value timeline are highlighted by BRM Tina Vega's blog in the Customer Case Study section.  Meet the newest member of our Business Relationship Management Team, Heikki Rautalahti, in the BRM Corner.  See our product news and get ready for the Winter 19 release and the exciting new features it has in store. See our blog section for winter 19 demos, read about the auto transition of organizations to the new Salesforce Lightning Experience in the Salesforce Monthly Tech Update and much more.  Enjoy from the entire Remedyforce organization and may the luck of the Irish be with you!


    Members Spotlight

    Run & Reinvent Podcast

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    Listen to John Fulton's entertaining podcast interview as Andrew Dorsey from Goodman Manufacturing shares the cool ways his organization is using BMC Helix Remedyforce and how they're taking the solution to the next level to continually innovate and improve IT service management. Listen Here: Episode 11: The Flexibility of BMC Helix Remedyforce with Andrew Dorsey from Goodman Manufacturing


    Be sure to Subcribe to the Run & Reinvent Podcast for upcoming BMC Helix Remedyforce customer interviews, the next interview could be with you!  Reach out to your BRM for details.


    Customer Case Study


    Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital did their homework and after evaluating other ITSM Solutions, the Remedyforce product was chosen as their helpdesk solution. They had the following items prepared prior to implementation ensuring they received what was needed for their business organization -

    • Categories
    • Rules and processes
    • Folder and groups
    • Workflows
    • SLA guidelines

    Once these items were put in the proper format a premier partner, RightStar Systems Incorporated, easily added their users into the sandbox and they were able to go directly into testing. Tina mentioned, “We really struggled with our former solution as it was not easy to navigate, we had hundreds of tickets due to duplication or simply because they were assigned and never addressed. Reporting was difficult and inaccurate. We performed an internal Service Desk Assessment and Survey with our entire IT department; the results were unanimous -

    • The solution needed to follow some of the ITIL standards and processes
    • We needed to be able to provide real statistics and metrics for both the staff and our customers
    • We needed to simplify our categories to allow accurate reporting

    We went live with Remedy Force Monday January 7th, 2019. The staff were absolutely thrilled, the application was easy and intuitive to use

    Check out their value timeline and Read more here: BMC Helix Remedyforce Success – A Customer Spotlight: Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital



    If you are a Remedyforce customer, have a great success story to share and highlight to our community, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Business Relationship Manager.


    BRM Corner

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    Heikki Rautalahti has spent majority of his 7+ year career with various software companies including BMC.  He has re-joined BMC after spending a year in the cyber-security world. He has worked in three different countries, and has been working closely with Remedyforce since 2013. Heikki has an MBA from the University of Texas, Arlington, and is currently pursuing his 2nd Master’s Degree in Technology Management from Georgetown University.


    Heikki is a native Finn, living in Washington, D.C with his wife Amanda.


    Things you need to know


    Product News

    Remedyforce Winter 19 is here!

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      If you have any questions on the Winter 19 release please contact your Business Relationship Manager. We look forward to working with you and getting your feedback.

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    Read Virginia Leandro's blog about the the new era of Cognitive Service Management!  As BMC expands its offerings and capabilities embracing cognitive service management, we wanted to ensure that our BMC Helix Remedyforce customers could also take advantage of these new offerings.  Over the next several releases you’ll see us start to build more and more capabilities around cognitive such as integrating with BMC Helix Chatbot that are made possible by AI and machine learning.  Today, you already enjoy BMC Helix Client Management. In this release we include integration with the new offering, BMC Helix Discovery, all of which are cloud based solutions bringing value to your organization.


    Along with our name change, we are also releasing BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19 with a slew of features that will help further your value with BMC Helix Remedyforce! 

    Read more here: BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19 – New name, New release!


    Recent Blogs

    Read John Fulton's Latest blog about a new patch for BMC Client Management versions 12.8, 12.7, and 12.6 that is available. The patch introduces a replacement for Java Web Start. And read the important notice If you are using BMC Remedyforce with BMC Client Management on premises. Read more here: New BMC Client Management Patch is now available for On Premise Customers to Download


    Virginia Leandro  provides demos of the upcoming features planned for Remedyforce Winter 19. See them here: BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19 Demos


    Read Virginia Leandro's about the auto transition of organizations to the new Salesforce Lightning Experience. Read it here: Salesforce Auto-Transition to Lightning Experience


    Read Virginia Leandro's Salesforce Tech update to get the latest information about requirements for the Salesforce mobile app for iOS and Android, Sandbox ready site migrations, Instance Refreshes and much more. Read here: Salesforce March 2019 Tech Update

    Upcoming events

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    March 29th, 2019: We will be hosting a webinar for the NEW BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19 Quickviews .  Follow the link and subscribe to the Remedyforce Support Youtube Channel for more information:  BMC Helix Remedyforce

    Vote it up

    To have few main services(Catalog Items) show up as icons like Common Service Requests Vote this Idea up if you'd like to have a few main Service Catalog items defined at home page.


    Need to populate "Primary Client" field value in Remedyforce CMDB through Discovery



    Remedyforce Customer Education

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    This document is designed to explore the Remedyforce Customer Education Path whether you are looking to become more familiar with the product or if your intention is to become Remedyforce Certified. From our Web Based Training series to to our Remedyforce Certification, there is a wealth of Remedyforce education to build your skills and set your organization up for success! Get all details: Remedyforce Customer Education


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