Mainview AutoOPERATOR: When going into Automation Reporter view ARLURULE I get BBMXBD15I error

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    MainView AutoOPERATOR


    MainView AutoOPERATOR


    I am trying to use view- ARLURULE and the other ARL* views. I get this error. 
    BBMXBD15I There is no data that satisfies your request 
    -Related:BBMXBD23I 0 records presented by the product. 


    In addition to editing AAOARP00 to turn Automation Reporter on,  you must do the following for the ARL views:

    The ARL* views require the following:


    1. The ELU and RLU options included in the AROPTS parameter of your UBBPARM member AAOARPxx. The AROPTS parameter is documented in the distributed AAOARP00 BBPARM member and also in the MainView AutoOPERATOR Customization Guide.


    2. A CASPERM registry. You can find information about this Registry in the MainView AutoOPERATOR Basic Automation Guide Volume 2 - Using the windows-mode Automation Reporter applications.




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