Remedy Smart Reporting - How to Broadcast Reports to External Email Addresses?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    ITSM In-App Reporting 9.1.00


    Smart Reporting All versions


    How to enter external email address in the Broadcast window in Smart Reporting in order to send the reports to the external users?


    In order to add external email address in Broadcasting, it is required to make the below changes:

    1. Open the required report in EDIT mode.
    3. Go to Report --> Save --> Distribution Security --> Enable Broadcast & Email.
    5. Choose ‘Unsecure’ under Email & Broadcast Security.
              User-added image
           4.  Click on the   Broadcast button in the main navigation menu. 
           5. In the Broadcast menu, click the   Add button. 
           6. Select the   Broadcast option. 
          7. The Broadcast window will open, providing you with the following options: 
          8. In the Add Recipients, enter the email address and hit enter: 

           User-added image

        9. Setup Delivery Rule and Schedule. Click on the Save button to complete the Broadcast set up. You will now be able to send the reports to the external users. 


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