DWP Catalog/Midtier - Getting ERROR (303): Form does not exist on server; @ when adding DWP catalog server in Midtier 18.05 and beyond.

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    DWP catalog 18.05, 18.08, 18..11, 19.02, 19.05, 19.08


    Post installation of DWP catalog 18.05 or 18.08, when trying to confiigure AR server setting in Mid-Tier for DWP Catalog server, we got ERROR (303): Form does not exist on server; @. 


    DRMY1-14340 - This was fixed on DWP Catalog 19.11 and beyond


    The issue is specific to any midtier version between 18.05 and 19.08 and any DWP Catalog version between 18.05 and 19.08.
    When performing same configuration in midtier 9.1.04, everything is fine. This can be used as a workaround.

    You can deploy the Midtier war file of version 9.1.04 on the same Midtier machine where already you have 9.1.05 Midtier.

    1. For 9.1.04 - <Midtier Server>:port/midtier/shared/config/config.jsp
    Steps to deploy Midtier in Tomcat/webapps folder  
    • Download Midtier 9.1.04 war file
    • Rename the war file to midtier.war
    • Copy the war file to Tomcat\webapps folder
    • Delete contents of work folderA
    • Access Midtier with url <Midtier Server>:port/midtier/shared/config/config.jsp
    This was fixed on DWP Catalog 19.11. Meaning that you can use any midtier version on that Catalog Version. 


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