TSCO vCenter Service ETL how to use whitelist and blacklist parameters and the "Blacklist file path option"

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    TSCO vCenter Service ETL how to use whitelist and blacklist parameters


    Trying to use the vCenter Service ETL whitelist and blacklist options but the results in the workspace are not what are expected.


    Details for accessing the vCenter Service ETL whitelist and blacklist options are in the TSCO documentation. Some of the links can be found below:

       TSCO 11.3 -     https://docs.bmc.com/docs/btco113/vmware-vcenter-extractor-service-775471947.html  
    TSCO 11.3 -     https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/btco115/VMware+vCenter+Extractor+Service  
    Look for the Import Filter on the documentation Pagse to find the information about Whitelist and Blacklist.  
    *** Make sure you have the latest CHF installed in your environment. There was a defect DRCOZ-16117 which made it difficult to determine the proper case of VMs from the vCenter while high logging is enabled in the ETL. All VMs were being converted to lowercase.   
    To blacklist only certain cluster or hosts and whitelist VMs using a whitelist file, below is an example of the ETL import filter settings:  
    Blacklist does not provide support for regular expression, to exclude monitoring of a set of VMs which certain string in the name use a white list file with an inverted regular expression (see details  more below).  
      User-added image
    The contents of the whitelist file used in the "Blacklist file path option" are listed below:  
    The results of the imported systems in the workspace are:  
      User-added image 
    *** Note the inclusion of BCOQA-DC and New Datacenter is being tracked by defect DRCOZ-16609. These datacenters should not have been imported. When defect DRCOZ-16609 is fixed they will not be loaded into TSCO since there are not part of the whitelist information. 
    When higher logging is enabled, the service log will show the follow information about the whitelist otpions:  
    2018-04-11 11:45:17,558 DEBUG [service-104-1]- Adding vm regex to whitelist: ^vw\-pun\-co\-aut19.* 2018-04-11 11:45:17,558 INFO  [service-104-1]- Loaded whitelist regex file - #1 regex will be used for whitelisting vms.  2018-04-11 11:25:01,260 DEBUG [service-104-1]- Whitelisted VMs: [vw-pun-co-aut19.dsl.bmc.com] 2018-04-11 11:25:01,260 DEBUG [service-104-1]- Blacklisted VMs: [vw-pun-co-aut18.dsl.bmc.com, vl-pun-bco-qa52, vw-pun-co-aut32.dsl.bmc.com, vl-pun-aut-qa55, vw-pun-aut-qa02.dsl.bmc.com, vl-pun-aut-qa56, vl-pun-aut-qa57, vw-pun-co-aut17.dsl.bmc.com, vw-pun-co-aut20.dsl.bmc.com, vl-pun-bco-qa54, vl-pun-bco-qa53]
    The above information is only available after the saver has run for the service.  
    The Whitelist file can also be used to get an inverted selection from the vCenter. An example would be, you can use this way to blacklist a set of VMs. In the example below no VMs with the including the string vl-pun are monitored.  
    The above will result in the following whitelist and blacklist output as shown in the log. The regex string will whitelist all VMs not matching "vl-pun, the "vl-pun" VMs will be added to the blacklist as shown below:  
      2018-04-11 19:00:00,615 DEBUG [service-106-1]-    Whitelisted VMs: [vw-pun-co-aut19.dsl.bmc.com, vw-pun-co-aut18.dsl.bmc.com, vw-pun-bcm-qa22, vw-pun-bco-qa055, vw-pun-co-aut29.bmc.com, vw-pun-co-aut25.bmc.com, vl-aus-bcm-gm2, vw-aus-bpa-dv08.adprod.bmc.com, CLM-template466, vw-aus-bpa-dv05, vw-pun-bco-qa02.dsl.bmc.com, vw-pun-co-aut32.dsl.bmc.com, vw-pun-aut-qa02.dsl.bmc.com, vw-pun-aut-qa01.dsl.bmc.com, vw-pun-co-aut31.bmc.com, vw-aus-aut-01, vw-pun-co-aut27.bmc.com, ADDM_VA_64_11.1.90.6_706121_dev_Full, vw-aus-co-aut03, vw-aus-co-aut01, vw-aus-co-aut02, vw-pun-bpa-qa02, vw-pun-bco-qa03-Oracle-12DB, vs-pun-bco-qa26, vs-pun-bco-qa25, vw-pun-bcm-dv18.dsl.bmc.com, vs-pun-bco-qa27, vw-pun-co-aut28.bmc.com, vw-pun-aut-qa17.dsl.bmc.com, ADDM_VA_64_11.1.0.3_677713_ga_Demo, CentOS7-OPENVMTOOLS, vs-pun-bcm-qa02-BCO-solaris10, vw-pun-bco-qa18, vw-pun-bco-qa19, vw-pun-co-aut24.bmc.com, vw-pun-co-aut30.bmc.com, vw-aus-bcm-sp02, vw-aus-bpa-dv02.dsl.bmc.com, Win2012R2-TPL, vw-pun-bpa-qa01.pune-labs.bmc.com, vw-pun-co-aut26.bmc.com, addm10.1-vm, vl-aus-bco-dv06, vw-pun-co-aut20.dsl.bmc.com, vw-pun-bco-qa05 (1), vl-aus-bco-dv04, vl-aus-bco-qa47, vl-aus-bco-dv05, vl-aus-bco-dv03, vl-aus-bco-rhevm, Mahesh_TEST, vw-pun-bco-qa04.dsl.bmc.com, VW-PUN-BCM-QA04.pune-labs.bmc.com, VW-AUS-BCO-DV06.dsl.bmc.com, vw-pun-co-aut23.bmc.com, VW-AUS-BCO-DV05.dsl.bmc.com, VW-PUN-BCO-QA05, isvm-w23-bpa03-OEM11g, vw-pun-co-aut22, vw-aus-bco-qa02, vw-pun-co-aut17.dsl.bmc.com, vl-aus-bpa-pt01, vw-pun-co-db, compactclm, vw-pun-bcm-qa21.dsl.bmc.com, vl-aus-bpa-pt02, vw-pun-bcm-dv66, vw-aus-bco-qa04, vw-pun-co-aut21.bmc.com, vw-aus-bco-qa03]  
    2018-04-11 19:00:00,616 DEBUG [service-106-1]-    Blacklisted VMs: [vl-pun-aut-qa29, vl-pun-aut-qa01_old, vl-pun-bco-neuton, vl-pun-bco-qa02-2, vl-pun-bco-ADDM11202, vl-pun-aut-qa15, vl-pun-bco-pt08-BCO-RHEL5.9-64, vl-pun-rds-tl1d, vl-pun-bco-qa52, vl-pun-bcm-ADDM1102, vl-pun-aut-qa55, vl-pun-aut-qa56, vl-pun-aut-qa57, vl-pun-aut-qa14, vl-pun-bld-qa01, vl-pun-bco-qa57, vl-pun-bco-qa13, vl-pun-bco-cmdb01, vl-pun-bco-qa54, vl-pun-bco-qa53, vl-pun-bco-qa02 - SUSE12, vl-pun-bco-qa56, vl-pun-bco-qa12, vl-pun-bco-qa55, vl-pun-bco-qa11, vl-pun-bcm-ADDM112, vl-pun-bco-octa, vl-pun-openn-vc01, vl-pun-bco-rsso1, vl-pun-bco-pt06, vl-pun-bcm-dv28, vl-pun-bcm-dv26, vl-pun-bco-pt03, vl-pun-bco-pt02, vl-pun-aut-qa01, vl-pun-bcm-dv27, vl-pun-bco-pt05, vl-pun-aut-qa02, vl-pun-bco-pt04, vl-pun-bcm-qa09-CentOS-6.5-64, vl-pun-bco-qa05, vl-pun-bco-qa06-CentOS6.5-64, vl-pun-bco-pt03c, vl-pun-bco-pt03b, vl-pun-bco-pt03a, vl-pun-bcm-dv19, vl-pun-bcm-dv15, vl-pun-bcm-dv16, vl-pun-octa2-qa02, vl-pun-bcm-qa10, vl-pun-bco-qa02-1 - SUSE12, vl-pun-bcm-qa13, vl-pun-bco-qa39, vl-pun-bcm-qa12, vl-pun-open-new01, vl-pun-bcm-qa11, vl-pun-bco-pt01, vl-pun-ocata-qa01, vl-pun-bco-mitaka3] 


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