Search not working properly in Digitak WorkPlace ie DWP (MyIT)

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    MyIT Digital Workplace


    MyIT 18.05


    Issue 1:
    Search function is not working properly in Digital WorkPlace (My IT), after upgrading to 1805.
    For example when searching for a service, e.g. “Skype” no results are returned. But if searching after “Skyp”, then the respective services are displayed in the result list.
    Same thing is happening when searching for SRDs. If searching after “Invoice” no results are returned. Instead, if searching after “Invoi” the SRDs are displayed in the result list.

    Issue 2:
    SB items are not appearing in search.
     Response from search/search buffering takes longer when long text is searched (say char more than 10).
    It takes longer in IE than in Chrome.

    >> Login to DWP .

    >> Search for  a SB Service , say "remove exchange distribution list" in Search box at home.

    >> After writing "remove exchange" the search freezes for a couple of seconds and the letters which we continue to write are not showing up.

    >>  if we write " remove exchange distribution" and start deleting the "distribution" word, again the search freezes and it takes a couple of second to delete the "distribution" word.


    Below error was observed in the UX logs

    Line 5602: 12:02:36.860 | https-jsse-nio-8443-exec-41    | RID: 5071 | DEBUG   | c.b.b.m.s.a.u.UnifiedCatalogItemServiceImpl | Total search results: 41, reducing search results to 25

    Perform the below set up to fix the issue.
    unicatalog.totalResults=100 in
    and restart DWP Servers after that.
    This should show search result from AR by keyword "Invoice".
    By default this value is 25 and search results from AR just removed from the output.

    NOTE:  Increasing the search from default 25 to higher count may lead to performance issues.


    unicatalog.totalResults was found to be set as 300 and should not be more than 100.
    Customer set this to see Service Broker Services in result as they were appearing only after making it 300.

    We found in network logs that FTS score for Catalog items was very low.

    To correct this behavior and get a proper FTS score for Catalog items this settings  should be applied in the along with 100 

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