DWP - Troubleshooting Survey/Bell Notification issues.

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    MyIT Digital Workplace




    3.x, 18.xx, 19.xx


    What do I need to check when surveys/email notifications are not being fired on MyIT/DWP?



    There are several things you need to review when surveys are not being fired.

    Make sure that your SMTP ports are open on your LB, server Firewall, ACL and that your SMTP is working properly.
    If this is a server group environment, make sure that only one server is set as master and only one has notificationPoller Enabled under connect-dwp.properties



    Primary DWP server


    NotificationPoller.ENABLED = true

    Secondary DWP server

    NotificationPoller.ENABLED = false


    1) First thing would be checking whether surveys are in enabled or not, per




    2) Then you need to make sure that under connect.properties ( MyIT/DWP external conf folder)  you have the right SMTP settings:
         Here's an example.


    smtp.host=mailhost.calbro.com //for gmail use: smtp.gmail.com


    This change requires a Tomcat Restart

    3) Also, there are some cases, on which having the wrong inApp and PushNotifications settings can interfere with this functionality.



    Under connect.properties, add the below:

    pushNotificationFeature.enabled=false    ## This will disable APNS notifications, you need to disable this if you have not done the APP Resign Process. In case you have them, set  this value to true.


    This change requires a Tomcat Restart

    4) Go to
    http://YourDWPServer:9000/ux/admin/configuration/email.html or http://YourDWPServer:9000/dwp/admin/configuration/email.html (depending on your version)

    • Make sure you have a valid email address on the Sender field

    • On the backend URL, make sure that you have  http:server:port OR if you have a custom URL/alias, it should look like this:


    http://sendmysurvey.com:9000/ux or http://sendmysurvey.com:9000/dwp

    If you do any updates on this, restart the DWP Tomcat,too.




    5) Edit JVM Settings for you MyIT Tomcat.  Having low memory values will prevent notifications from going out. Minimum recommeded is 6144m, Initial and Maximum values should always match.

      6) After that you should be able to get surveys.



    15:59:02.456 | Notification poller | RID: none | DEBUG | c.b.b.m.s.n.EmailNotificationServiceImpl | Email with subject Explíquenos su solicitud reciente XXX was successfully sent to user to someone@sendsurvey.com

    You can also do a search on srmSurvey and it will show whether the survey was created/sent or not.




    7) If you still face issues after doing the above, collect UX/DWP on debug log and contact BMC support.





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