DWP - Troubleshooting Survey/Comment/Bell/Mail Notification issues - INCLUDES VIDEO

Version 22
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    MyIT Digital Workplace




    18.05 and beyond


    What do I need to check when surveys/email/comment notifications are not going out in DWP?



    NOTE: SRM/ITSM notifications are not part of this troubleshooting list. That configuration is set in another Product: AR Server/Apps side of Remedy.

    IN DWP, we have a standalone notification system that are unrelated to ITSM email notifications, but can be combined.  DWP Catalog Services notifications must be enabled in DWP Catalog Admin Console. ITSM Notifications with Custom Templates, are not officially supported and requires customization.

    Bell Notifications

    • Social connector must be defined in server.xml
      <Connector address=""
    • Social port and host name must be defined in connect-dwp.properties file and be consistent with the above
      social.server.protocol = http
    social.server.host = localhost
    social.server.port = 9002
    social.user.autocreate = false
    • Social port needs to be enabled in the firewall.
    • If this is a server group environment, make sure that only one server is set as master and only one has notificationPoller Enabled under connect-dwp.properties

    Primary DWP server


    myit.server.host = Loadbalancer FQDN
    myit.server.port = PORT
    NotificationPoller.ENABLED = true
    CommentNotificationService.DELAY = 0
    CommentNotificationService.PERIOD = 180000
    CommentNotificationService.ENABLED = true
    api.token.hssvBpLwxWOCLBVDjjccEmThihwFePCcMRHzvPmcxVGuBWVRqASMuwkKgNCyOsjTwSLszjDCRiNDlllxmwgFCvaWvFUMXwaNdyqJVtefXkQwSynCLohdxvHONHFVWnSq = 3ddc1668-8e57-45a8-ac81-db6662e0de27
    serviceSubscriptionsPollEnabled = true
    master.server = true


    Rest of DWP servers


    myit.server.host = Loadbalancer FQDN
    myit.server.port = PORT
    NotificationPoller.ENABLED = false
    CommentNotificationService.DELAY = 0
    CommentNotificationService.PERIOD = 180000
    CommentNotificationService.ENABLED = false
    api.token.hssvBpLwxWOCLBVDjjccEmThihwFePCcMRHzvPmcxVGuBWVRqASMuwkKgNCyOsjTwSLszjDCRiNDlllxmwgFCvaWvFUMXwaNdyqJVtefXkQwSynCLohdxvHONHFVWnSq = 3ddc1668-8e57-45a8-ac81-db6662e0de27
    serviceSubscriptionsPollEnabled = false
    master.server = false

    api.token must be the same across the environment.

    • Make sure your DWP Server DNS rules, hosts files are correct.
    • if you are using an alias make sure alias, loadbalancer, hostname, fqdn and ip address are correct and can be resolved too.
    • Restart DWP Tomcat if any changes
    • Make sure surveys are configured.
    • SMTP must be declared under connect-dwp.properties ( DWP Tomcat external conf folder)  

         Here's an example.


    smtp.host=mailhost.calbro.com //for gmail use: smtp.gmail.com

    if you are using Google SMTP
    Make sure you have this

    mail.smtp.ssl.enable=true and using port 465



    • Make sure you have a valid email address on the Sender field

    • On the backend URL, make sure that you have  http:server:port OR if you have a custom URL/alias, it should look like this:



    If you do any updates on this, restart the DWP Tomcat,too.



    • Edit JVM Settings for you MyIT Tomcat.  Having low memory values will prevent notifications from going out. Minimum recommended is 6144m, Initial and Maximum values should always match.


    • If these steps don't help, file a case to BMC Support and collect DWP Logs in debug mode by following the below documentation.


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