SRM/DWP - Experiencing slowness issues when submitting requests 'On Behalf of' any other users/Clearing OBO records

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    1. We have users that no longer exist in the system however they still appear in the Cache of prior selected OBO as seen below.
    3. We are experiencing slowness issues when submitting requests 'On Behalf of' any other users.
      How can we clear these records for obsolete system users? 
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    As designed records are stored as cache or recents. You can perform some record housekeeping on SRS:ConsoleRequestedFor Form.


    The cache/history/details of past OBO submits records are stored in SRS:ConsoleRequestedFor form

    • You can find all records in there, for any user, by doing the following search.
      'Requested For Login ID' = "<user's login ID>" 
    • Once those records are returned, please delete and they should disappear. It is safe to do so.
    • You can do the same at a database level.
    • Have your user log out, log in and confirm the records were deleted and that OBO performance has improved.
      Note: You can delete these records for all the users or per user. 


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