BMC Helix Discovery: OOTB capabilities

Version 2
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    Here’s a general overview of some of the BMC Helix Discovery’s out-of-the-box capabilities. There are links throughout for more detailed information.



    The software that can be discovered by BMC Discovery increases with each monthly TKU release. Patterns can help you identify the configuration of run time products in your data centers. Choose how you want to find the products of interest to you:


    Host attributes by platform

    An overview of the attributes that BMC Helix Discovery aims to recover from the different OS platforms is shown in this pdf. The attribute descriptions for each node kind are detailed in the relevant node sections.  The discovered attributes per OS platform for Inferred nodes is shown in first couple of pages. An X denotes that the attribute can be discovered.

    This list shows the attributes from various OS platforms that can be discovered by a default BMC Discovery version 11.3 system. This does not include patterns or a TKU.


    SNMP devices

    The number of SNMP devices that can be discovered by BMC Discovery increases with each monthly TKU release. This section contains information from Configipedia, which details the applications that can be discovered with the latest TKU installed. Clicking the links in this section will take you directly into Configipedia.

    The following classes of SNMP device are supported.

    Monthly TKU releases might increase the SNMP device coverage.


    Localization support

    BMC Discovery supports the discovery of systems in any locale.


    For more information, check out Configpedia™