Control-M/Enterprise Manager export raise Validity Report messages like : "Warning WRN50003: The Host Group field can only contain characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and special characters  - _ : ."

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


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    Exporting Control-M/Enterprise Manager raise Validity Report messages  informing that for each Control-M z/OS or Sub folder job there is no host group entry present.


    ----------------Validation Report----------------
    Created: Fri Sept 11 12:06:00 2018

    Warning WRN50003: The Host Group field can only contain characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and special characters -_:.
    You must remove or change unsupported characters in the Host Group field before exporting.
    If you do not, unsupported characters in the Host Group field are removed automatically during the import stage (Example: asd&#c is changed to asdc).
    Empty Host Group field in below report lines indicates that the Host Group value holds only spaces and/or tabs in database.
    If any of the hosts in the Host Group are functioning, you need to rename them with the new fixed name to allow job submission after the import.

    Code      Data Center Name       Folder Name     Job Name                            Table ID   Job ID     Host Group                         
    --------- ---------------------- --------------- ----------------------------------- ---------- ---------- ----------------------------------
    WRN50003: XXX                    XXXXX                                              111        105                                           
    WRN50003: XXX                    XXXXX                                              111        104                                           
    WRN50003: XXX                    XXXXX                                              111        100                                           
    WRN50003: XXX                    XXXXX                                              111        99                                            
    WRN50003: XXX                    XXXXX                                              111        98                                            
    WRN50003: XXX                    XXXXX                                              111        97    

    Is it correct to ignore this error, as there is no host group field for such jobs?


    If these messages are issued only for Mainframe (z/OS) Jobs or Sub Folder job type , you can ignore the warnings.

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