Ticket Template Does Not Update Custom Lookup Fields in Track-It! 2018

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    Track-It! 2018.03


    Track-It! 2018



      Track-It 2018: While applying a template a Custom Lookup field would not populate if the Field Style is set to "Drop Down" Expected Result: The Templates should populate the Custom Lookup fields with all field style available. 



    The Template does not populate the custom lookup field when the field style is Drop Down. Under Primary forms add a custom lookup field. Set the field style to Drop Down. Save the form. Add the field to the template. Create a ticket and apply the template. You will see the Custom lookup field wont populate.

    This is a Defect in Track-It!. If you are experiencing this issue, please open a new support case and refer to Track-It! Defect number DRZOZ-16271: "Ticket Template Does Not Update Custom Lookup Fields".

    Your case will be associated with the defect, and you will be able to view the defect status in your case in the Defects/RFEs/CARs section.


      This fix contains the resolution for the issue "Ticket Template Does Not Update Custom Lookup Fields [Defect DRZOZ-16271]" 
      1. Take backup of "commonscript.js" file from "<Install>\Application Server\Aspx\scripts\" folder. 
      2. Replace the respective file from the attached zip file. 
      3. Clear the browser cache. 
      4. Login to Track-It! and verify the issue.  
      Note: In case you face any issue, you can replace the backup "commonscript.js" at above place and clear the cache again.  


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