"Failed to start database '\\Program Files\BMC Software\ProactiveNet\pw\data\derby\derbydb" seen in the ProactiveNet.log

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    ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite


    BPPM Database


    ProactiveNet 9.6



    All process running, but the license list shows a failure to connect to the server.

    "Failed to start database '\\Program Files\BMC Software\ProactiveNet\pw\data\derby\derbydb" seen in the ProactiveNet.log
    This is the database/cache for the web server in ProactiveNet.




    The derbydb file is corrupt



    Legacy ID:KA433361

    Please do the following: 

    1) Stop the ProactiveNet Server. 
    2) Take a backup of pw\jboss\server\minimal_jms\conf\amq-broker-config.xml 
    Don't place the copy in any of these locations: 
            A. Desktop 
            B. BPPM Server installation path 
            C. Path mentioned in operating system's %PATH% environment variable. 
    3) Open the pw\jboss\server\minimal_jms\conf\amq-broker-config.xml and change useShutdownHook attribute of <broker> tag to true as follows: 
    <broker xmlns="http://activemq.apache.org/schema/core" useJmx="true" persistent="true" useShutdownHook="true" schedulerSupport="false" brokerName="bppm-jms-broker"> 
    Save the file. 
    4) Start the ProactiveNet server. 

    If the issue persists: 
    - pw system stop 
    - restore C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ProactiveNet\pw\data\derby\derbydb from tape backup 
    - pw system start 

    If you don't have a tape backup system 
    - pw system stop 
    - rename the derby DB directory: C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ProactiveNet\pw\data\derby 
    - send the derby logs from the System directory (C:\Windows\System32\derby.log) 
    - send .\pw\jboss\server\minimal_jms\log\* 
    - tell BMC the amount of free disk space on C:\. 
    - pw system start 
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