How to check the threshold settings in the Truesight Infrastructure Management database

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    TrueSight Infrastructure Management


    TSIM User Console


    TSIM 10.x, 11.x


    For the threshold settings (both Global and Instance), where is the information stored?
    Can I load the threshold setting from the Sybase DB directly?
    I would like to see a way to verify the IM policy after applying the settings from TSPS.


    After configuring/saving the threshold on TSPS, it will push the settings to TSIM and store them in the TSIM database.

    So you can check from the TSIM UI to understand if the specific threshold setting has been retrieved. All the thresholds will be saved in the pers_obj_instances tables in the database. However, there are only IDs being used in the database so it is not likely that you will be able to read it directly.

    If you wish to check the global threshold, you can  get them by  using the following command from the TSPS command line  "pw threshold list" which is list all of the thresholds set.
    If you want to check the instance thresholds as well, this would require some customization for the sql query regarding the different database table/view to get the information needed/

    Here are some of the the MOTypeIDs corresponding to thresholds:
    156 Absolute Golbal Thresholds
    157 Signature Global Thresholds
    158 Imported Events Default Thresholds
    161 Absolute Instance Thresholds
    162 Signature Instance Thresholds
    166 Instance Imported Events Thresholds

    Attached a doc for how to get the absolute instance threshold information as a  reference.

    Please note this is customization of scripts and database details so this is not supported and must be done by you at your own risk.
    Be sure to back up the database prior to any queries being run.

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