Remedy - AE - The Assignment Engine appears to be running using the Admin Queue: [<RPC ID: 0000000000> <Queue: Admin><Client-RPC: 390600 >]

Version 7
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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR System Assignment Engine v.9.1.04 and higher.


    During analysis of the ar server logs it is observed the Assignment Engine is running using the admin queue of AR Server hence there are workflow actions visible in the logs.

    An API example seen in the logs:
    <API > <TID: 0000000398>
    <RPC ID: 0000000000> <Queue: Admin > <Client-RPC: 390600 > ...
    ...*/ +GE ARGetEntry -- schema {schema_name}
    from Assignment Engine (protocol 0) at IP address null using INTERNAL // :q:0.0s 

    The behaviour have been observed in 9.1.04 Patch 002 as well as 18.08 environment.

    According to the documentation it is not longer possible to define a Private Queue for the Assignment Engine:


    Defect: SW00555838


    The Assignment Engine is an internal component, an OSGI bundle of the AR System Server.
    All communications between the Assignment Engine and AR System Server is handled via OSGI calls and this is why no Private Queue is configured for the AE. 
    In the logging code ( , if nothing is specified, the default value is selected which is the Admin Queue.

    This has been identified as a defect:
    SW00555838  - Assignment Engine is running on Admin Queue

    Currently there is not a workaround and defect will be addressed on a future release of AR System.

    Known affected versions:
    - Remedy AR System v.9.1.04.x
    - Remedy AR System v.18.05.x
    - Remedy AR System v.18.08.x
    - Remedy AR System v.19.02.x



    The AE using the Admin queue will not lead to issues like blocking of the Admin thread, as the Assignment operations will run on its own thread.



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