AMIGO Program: Make Truesight Capacity Optimization Upgrades easier

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    BMC Performance Assurance 9.X, BMC Capacity Optimization 9.X, TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.X, TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.X


    What is the AMIGO program, and how can it make my TrueSight Capacity Optimization Upgrade easier?


    The BMC AMIGO program is designed to complement and simplify customer upgrade efforts to achieve a smooth install and reduce potential problems while upgrading.

    AMIGO provides guidance to customers with the following:

    • End-to-end collaboration by BMC Support during upgrade planning and implementing stages.
    • Interactive exploration of upgrade needs with a generous lead time (weeks to months).
    • Precheck and sizing of the customer environment to ensure success of the new implementation.
    • Briefing customers of common pitfalls arising for unique upgrade situations.
    • Priority-1 Case support during the upgrade implementation window (if required).
    AMIGO is NOT for those requiring:  
    • Professional Services – AMIGO is for upgrade coordination and assistance only. For design or implementation of a full upgrade plan by BMC, please reach out to Professional Services.
    • Immediate or short term implementation (under 4 weeks lead time).
    To take advantage of   AMIGO, follow these steps: 
      1) Download the Upgrade guide for the version of your choice for step-by-step walkthrough instructions to make your upgrade successful.  
    2) Create a new support case case and include “   AMIGO: Starter” in the subject line, and the BMC Support team will consult with you concerning your upgrade plans.  
    3) Once you have completed the “   Starter” case and are ready for review and implementation of your upgrade plan, create a new case with “   AMIGO: Implementation” and the BMC Support team will work with you through to the end of your implementation. 
    Choose the version you wish to upgrade to and download the upgrade guide. 
      TSCO 11.3.01:  Please review the    AMIGO Upgrade Guide to TSCO 11.3.01 below to begin your starter case.  
      TSCO 11.0:  Please review the    AMIGO Upgrade Guide to TSCO 11.0 below to begin your starter case.  
      TSCO 10.7.x:  Please review the    AMIGO Upgrade Guide to TSCO 10.7.x below to begin your starter case. 


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