BSA: HP-UX Patch Analysis returns: "SWA Step Analyze: ERROR: Unknown Error Occurred during Module Execution"

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    BladeLogic Server Automation Suite


    BladeLogic Server Automation


    While running Patch Analysis against a HPUX system you see the error: SWA Step Analyze: ERROR: Unknown Error Occurred During Module Execution in the Job Run log and the /var/log/swa/swa.log on the SWA server.


    This is a problem with the SWA server as described in the HP article mmr_sf-EN_US000014962.  Per the HP article, perform the following steps to work around the issue:

    Run chatr against swa and enable search with LD_LIBRARY_PATH and SHLIB_PATH.

    # chatr +s enable /opt/swa/bin/swa
    Run chatr again to confirm the change:  
    # chatr /opt/swa/bin/swa /opt/swa/bin/swa:          32-bit ELF executable          shared library dynamic path search:             LD_LIBRARY_PATH    enabled first               SHLIB_PATH         enabled second
    Run the Patching Job again 


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