User saw odd results in Visualizer for Mainframes - CPU type in CPU diagram was not correct for some intervals

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    Capacity Management for Mainframes (CMM)


    Universal information exchange Visualizer TrueSight



    The user is running Visualizer for Mainframes (Capacity Management for Mainframes),  and on the CPU diagram,  he sees a CPU model,  on the display on the top of the mainfame diagram.   But - its engine count is inconsistent with the CPU type - too many or two few engines.


    A note is appropriate here - the customer is using DURN 5 - five minute intervals,  while his RMF interval is 12 minutes. 



    Visualizer file duration interval is shorter than the RMF interval



    The problem is,   that the duration interval specified in Universal Information Exchange - 5 minutes,   is smaller than the interval set by RMF ,  which for this user was 12 minutes.

    As the system configuration changes all day long - within intervals - and the 5 minute duration will force the measurements to be split within records,  and in some cases,  across records. 

    The recommendation is - do not specify a Visualizer DURN value that is smaller than the RMF interval.   If it must be done,  for granularity purposes in applications,  at least attempt to do so where the RMF duration is a direct multiple of the Visualizer DURN value.


    Other things worth noting - 


    1)  the duration (DURN) default is 60 - and Cost Analyzer users must use 60.


    2)  It is not advisable to mix measurement durations in an existing database.


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