TSCO - Does the TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) Gateway Server support SPECINT CPU 2017?

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.x, 10.7.01


    The latest TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) Gateway Server hardware table that can be downloaded from the BMC FTP site include SPECINTRATE2017 performance ratings but it doesn't appear that one can select SPEC CPU2017 performance ratings in Manager, Analyze or Predict.

    Does the TSCO Gateway Server support SPEC CPU 2017 (SPECint2017/SPECint2017_rate) as a performance rating basis for systems?  If not, what is the plan to add support for SPEC CPU 2017?



    Currently although performance ratings for systems reported in SPEC CPU2017 are included in the Hardware Table the TSCO UI and Manager does not support the use of SPEC CPU2017.

    There are two separate track numbers related to this request:
      * DRCOZ-16704: SPEC 2017 Support: Update hardware table to add conversion ratios between SPEC 2017 and SPEC 2006 and coefficient factors for estimating ratings for all processor numbers
      * DRCOZ-16840: 'Need support for SPECINTRATE2017 in GWS Analyze/Predict UI, Gateway Manager UI'

    These requests need to be reviewed and prioritized for inclusion in a future TSCO release by Product Management.

    The two primary current limitations are:
      (A) TSCO Manager doesn't support the specification of 'SPECINTRATE2017' as the Performance Rating Basis for a Manager run.  So even if a computer is available in the hardware table with a SPEC CPU 2017 performance rating there isn't an out-of-the-box way to configure Manager to use that performance rating.
      (B) The Hardware Table doesn't contain multi-processor conversion coefficients (PERF-CALC-COEFS) for SPEC CPU 2017 or conversion factors (PERF-CONV-RATIO)  from SPECint2017 or SPECint2017_rate to SPECint2006 or SPECint2006_rate.  This means that when the Performance Rating Basis for a Manager run is selected as one of the available options there is no way for a SPEC CPU 2017 rating to be converted to it.

    RFE DRCOZ-16840 covers the following points for SPECINTRATE2017 in the TSCO Gateway Manager Analyze/Predict UI, and TSCO Gateway Manager UI :

    1. Update the hardware table with




      Once the hardware table is updated with the above entries, BYBENCHMARK in TSCO will be automatically available

      (2) Update to Gateway Manager UI for manager run processing to pick up SPECINTRATE2017

      Add SPECINTRATE2017 to the drop down list in View Scheduled Runs -> select manager run -> Processing tab

      (3) Update $BEST1_HOME\NTC\bgs\setup\MenuItemsDefault.xml with entries for SPECINTRATE2017 for Analyze and Predict UI to provide that as a choice


    Workaround to make available SPECINTRATE2017 in Predict UI

    It is possible to make the SPECINTRATE2017 performance rating available in the Predict UI (for performing a what-if analysis from one SPEC CPU 2017 system to another SPEC CPU 2017 system.

    To do that:

    (1) Find the MenuItemsDefault.xml located in the installation in the following directory:




    (2) Copy that file into the %BEST1_HOME%\local\setup directory and add entries that map to the SPECINT 2017 and SPECINTRATE 2017 benchmarks under the MENU-LIST:

    User-added image

    (3) After restarting the TSCO Gateway Server UI on Windows the entries should now be available in the Predict UI hardware table drop down list:

    User-added image


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