Timeout error - failed: Connection timed out: connect in the TrueSightCMAKmPush log when trying to push TSPS CMA packages

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    TrueSight Presentation Server


    TrueSight Operations Management


    TrueSight 10.x, 11.x


    The following error is found in the TrueSightCMAKmPush log :

    INFO  01/30 16:22:25.015 [Thread-1,IS_KM_PUSH-d27ddc26-731e-41fa-be04-8984e9642121] c.b.b.p.d.j.i.ISWaitForISAckJobState Received Ack Message NGPKMPackageDeployAckMessage{MessageID='IS-0-0-1548883377536-99', CorrelationID='TS-0-0-1548883322952-998696', Timestamp=01/30/2019 16:22:57, Destination=NGPDestination{mAgentID=0, mType=TS, mServerID=10}, ReplyTo=NGPDestination{mAgentID=10013, mType=IS, mServerID=10}, Type='PKG_DEPLOY_ACK', Priority=4, IsAckNeeded=false, AcknowledgementType=Positive, DeliveryMode=NonPersistent, Values=CHUNK_ID=586add81-36fa-4002-8f80-36fa98a6bfef,JOB_ID=d27ddc26-731e-41fa-be04-8984e9642121,STATUS=FAILURE,STATUS_MSG=DEPLOY not successful.Connect to <TSPS hostname>:443 [<TSPS hostname>/<ip address>] failed: Connection timed out: connect}

    ISN had issues communicating to TSPS. etc\hosts file entry on problematic ISN had incorrect IP address for TSPS server, rectified it to fix the issue.

    Note: The general connection timed out error could be caused by a number of different issues. hostname resolution, port blockages, timeouts between data centers, so do be sure to check all the ports between TSPS and the Agent, the host file for both TSPS and ISN, and make sure a telnet or ping between the TSPS, ISN, and Agent are all working

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