AtriumCore Upgrade to 1808 Failed Due to adf_recon_config_parameters.xml Import

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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Core


    AtriumCore 1808


    The AtriumCore upgrade to 1808 fails due to the adf_recon_config_parameters.xml import failing. 


    The file gets imported with ignore errors option turned off.


    - The reason for failure is intermittent. The file needs to import during upgrade with ignore errors option (in case of failing to import).
    - We have an option to set the default values after installation from Reconciliation Manager UI settings.
    - This issue was reported/tracked as defect SW00555518.
    - The installer for 1808 was already released. Hence no changes could be made to it.
    - Hence, the fix has been added in the AtriumCore 1902 installer code.

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