All Service Requested submitted from SRD Imported into DWPC(Service Broker) stay in Submitted status

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    MyIT Service Broker


    MyIT Service Broker


    DWPC(Service Broker) any version


    All imported SRD Service Broker Services that are submitted, the Service Request stays in Submitted status. Fulfillment record creates with no issue. Confirmed native DWPC(Service Broker) service created do not stay in Submitted status.

    In server side logs see the following error during submission:
    > /* Tue Feb 05 2019 19:26:35.9460 */    Start filter processing (phase 1) -- Operation - SET on SB:ServiceRequestStub - 000000000000011
    > /* Tue Feb 05 2019 19:26:35.9470 */ <Filter Level:3 Number Of Filters:1226> Checking "SB:ConnectorStubOnModify`!" (500)
    >    --> Passed -- perform actions
    >         0 : Set Fields
    > /* Tue Feb 05 2019 19:26:35.9520 */ **** Error while performing filter action. Error Number: 380
    > /* Tue Feb 05 2019 19:26:35.9520 */ ERROR (380): No item matches filter conditions --
    > /* Tue Feb 05 2019 19:26:35.9550 */ **** Filter "SB:ConnectorStubOnModify`!": No enabled error handler


    Missing data in SB:LocalApprovalConfiguration form


    Filter SB:ConnectorStubOnModify`! is looking for a record in form SB:LocalApprovalConfiguration and if no match is found, it is set to error

    Check to see if a record exists as seen in the screenshot attached. If it doesn't exist, please create with valid remoteaction script, admin login and password, correct server name and port, then retest after creation
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