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    Track-It! 2018


    "Asset Data Sync Failed" error occurred while trying to sync the data manually from the Asset Synchronization setting in Track-It! 2018


    This can be happen if Network value from the Asset Management lookup table is not updated correctly. If not then refer to the log file to know the cause of the issue.



    Please refer to the following instructions if Asset Management lookup is cause of the issue.

    • Login to Track-It! 2018
    • Go to Configuration > Lookups > Asset Management Lookups > Networks
    • Make sure the domain name is existing there. If it is already there then just update it by deleting and adding the same domain entry.
    • Save the settings and run the Asset Sync again.
    • Sync should completed successfully now.
    If this does not helps and if you find error like below in AssetManagement.log file: 

    '10236 |2019-02-05 16:05:31.5026 | SERVERNAME | ERROR | AssetManagement | PreCreate | [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near 'écoute'.' 

    This is because Device name contains characters like  / \ : * " ? < > | '  

    You can fix this by removing such characters from the device name in BMC Client Management database. Please note that you should have backup of BCM database before you make any changes. 

    If you are experiencing this issue, please open a new support case and refer to Track-It! Defect number DRZOZ-17715 

    Your case will be associated with the defect, and you will be able to view the defect status in your case in the Defects/RFEs/CARs section. 

    If the above does not help you may find an error similar to the following in the AssetManagement.log file: 

    '2396 |2019-02-19 04:02:57.6133 | DEVAPP17 | DEBUG | AssetManagement | PreCreate | Asset with  name   ABC123 already exists. Cannot create asset. Raising exception.' 
    '2396 |2019-02-19 04:02:57.6133 | DEVAPP17 | ERROR | AssetManagement | PreCreate | Asset with same name already exists.' 

    This is because a Retired Asset with the same name, in the above case   ABC123, already exists in Track-It 2018. "A Retired Asset cannot be Tracked, Audited or Managed by Track-It! and cannot be Activated again." If you already have a Retired Asset with the same name, there is going to be a Conflict, which can only be resolved by Deleting the Retired Asset Record. 

    BMC Client Management (BCM), the application that has been integrated with Track-It 2018 for the Inventory Module, does not allow Duplicate Asset Names. If you retire an Asset, the only way to Add another Asset with the same name would be to Delete the Existing Retired Asset Record. 


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