TSCOMF - How to create Suite or Application groups in Truesight for Mainframe.

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    What is the procedure to create a group aggregation of two or more Suites systems in TSCO for Mainframes?





      In TSCO you can create groups of two or more “systems” in any of the Metric groupings (M/F Suites, M/F Applications and so forth).  The steps below walk through the procedure of creating a group.  In this example M/F Suites is being used. 
      1.  On the TSCO Application server navigate to Workspace > All Domains > < your mainframe domain > > M/F Suites > Systems.  In the right hand pane click on the Add button.  1_image02.png


      2.  The System wizard box will be displayed.  Click the Next button  2_image003.png


      3.  Select the Derive a new system from existing resources option and click Next. 
      4.  Click the check box in front of each system you would like included in the group.  Then click Next. 
      5.  On this screen leave the first two selection boxes alone and update the Start since calendar to the first date you want this group created for.  Click Next.  5_image006.png


      6.  Do change anything on this screen, just click Next. 
      7.  In the Name field type a name for this group.  In the System type field select Mainframe – Suite.  Click Next. 
      8.  Click Finish. 
      9.  From the Systems screen click on the group that was just created to verify the Parent Child relationship. 
      **Note – After creating the group it will take some time for data (could be up to a day depending on how busy TSCO is) to populate into the group. 
      10.  Once data has populated into the group it can be used to create graphs.  The group (in this case) will be the sum of the children’s values.  The children will continue to be populated with their collected values. 

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