Remedyforce Monthly Newsletter – February 2019 Edition

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    It is February and our Remedyforce team wants to let you know how much we care about our customers!  We take pride in your achievements and when your company becomes a reference we LOVE to share your success stories.  Please join us in congratulating Intrust Bank in this month's Customer Spotlight.  Their success story and value timeline are highlighted by BRM Jennifer Schertz's blog in the Customer Case Study section.  Meet another member of our Business Relationship Management Team, Shin Tominaga, in the BRM Corner.  See our product news and get ready for the Winter 19 release and the exciting new features it has in store.  See our blog section for winter 19 demos, our monthly Salesforce tech update and much more! Enjoy from the entire Remedyforce organization.



    Members Spotlight

    Customer Case Study


    Jennifer Schertz Is the Business Relationship Manager working with INTRUST Bank's Project Manager Jessica Henning and Senior Manager of Product Strategy Jerry Chandler since they purchased Remedyforce in March 2018.  When asked about their initial value realization, Jessica stated, “We needed a fresh start at how we looked at managing internal requests, and Remedyforce gave us the IT specific tools we needed AND the flexibility to expand beyond IT in the future.  There is a lot of excitement at INTRUST both around what we’ve achieved and what we have planned for the future.”  Jerry went on to say, “The flexibility and scalability of the services offered in Remedyforce will allow INTRUST to create a better experience for both internal and external customers.  This tool has allowed INTRUST to re-imagine existing processes and be agile enough to allow for continued modifications to these processes to deliver a better customer service experience."  Read more here: Remedyforce Success - Customer Spotlight:  INTRUST Bank NA


    Seeing is believing… Have a look at INTRUST Bank’s Value Timeline:


    If you are a Remedyforce customer, have a great success story to share and highlight to our community, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Business Relationship Manager.


    BRM Corner

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    Shin Tominaga joined the BRM Team last year and is based in Tokyo, Japan.  He started his career in the IT industry 25 years ago supporting Customers and has continued that focus throughout his career.  He has worked mainly in Tokyo, Japan and also in California over the years.  "I Love to work with this BRM team at BMC Software where we always help each other.  In the big picture, our collective goal is to make our customers and Remedyforce successful."


    Shin has been married to his wife for 25 years and they have a 23 year old son.  Shin enjoys playing trombone on the weekends with a local concert band, having few concerts every year and overseas concerts every few years.   He's been a fan of the San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Giants for many years and believes their glory years will soon be resurrected.


    Things you need to know


    Product News

    Remedyforce Winter 19 is here!

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      If you have any questions on the Winter 19 release please contact your Business Relationship Manager. We look forward to working with you and getting your feedback.



    Read Virginia Leandro's blog about the the new era of Cognitive Service Management!  As BMC expands its offerings and capabilities embracing cognitive service management, we wanted to ensure that our BMC Helix Remedyforce customers could also take advantage of these new offerings.  Over the next several releases you’ll see us start to build more and more capabilities around cognitive such as integrating with BMC Helix Chatbot that are made possible by AI and machine learning.  Today, you already enjoy BMC Helix Client Management. In this release we include integration with the new offering, BMC Helix Discovery, all of which are cloud based solutions bringing value to your organization.


    Along with our name change, we are also releasing BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19 with a slew of features that will help further your value with BMC Helix Remedyforce! 

    Read more here: BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19 – New name, New release!


    Recent Blogs



    Read John Fulton's Latest blog about a new patch for BMC Client Management versions 12.8, 12.7, and 12.6 that is available. The patch introduces a replacement for Java Web Start. And read the important notice If you are using BMC Remedyforce with BMC Client Management on premises. Read more here: New BMC Client Management Patch is now available for On Premise Customers to Download


    Read Virginia Leandro's Salesforce Tech update to get the latest information about Salesforce for iOS and Android v. 18.0, Field History Data Retention Now Enforced, Instance Refreshes and much more. Read here: Salesforce February 2019 Tech Update


    Virginia Leandro  provides demos of the upcoming features planned for Remedyforce Winter 19. See them here: BMC Helix Remedyforce Winter 19 Demos


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    Ability to select if non-working hours should be saved in Total Work Time field We would like to be able to store the total work time that an staff member spent in an incident record out of business hours in the OOTB field Total Work time, currently Total Work Time field only saves the time effort spent within business hours.


    Remedyforce Customer Education

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    This document is designed to explore the Remedyforce Customer Education Path whether you are looking to become more familiar with the product or if your intention is to become Remedyforce Certified. From our Web Based Training series to to our Remedyforce Certification, there is a wealth of Remedyforce education to build your skills and set your organization up for success! Get all details: Remedyforce Customer Education



    Remedyforce Support Videos

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    Remedyforce Support has put together a Youtube Channel that we encourage all of our customers to view and follow. It currently has 60 video (and growing) that cover such topics as Pentaho, to How to troubleshoot Remedyforce etc.. Please see the playlist for additional topics here: Remedyforce Channel

    Knowledge Articles

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    Articles from the BMC Knowledge Base: Explore articles from our support experts. Engage (like, bookmark, rate...) on them to let us know how we’re doing.


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