How do we get a license count regarding usage for the BMC Performance Manager Portal 2.x?

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    How do we check the license count of all performance managers used (agent based & agent less)?



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    The official recommendation if using Portal 2.11.x is to use the BMC License Usage Collection Utility Version 4.7.01


    About the BMC License Usage Collection Utility


    The BMC License Usage Collection Utility enables you to view license compliance usage reports for your BMC product deployments. Each license report is specific to each BMC product; therefore, the file format and contents vary depending on the product. You can also view log reports that can be used to troubleshoot problems with failed deployments and with running reports. It comes with rich feature of automation where user can set periodical report run and receive generated reported on their configured email ID. Dashboard feature provides users to get a quick view of BMC product usage in one go which helps to monitor licensing.


    If using BMC Performance Manager Portal 2.10 or below:
    BMC Performance Manager Portal uses the performance manager usage and the CPU counts to measure licensing.
    In order to get the details for the usage, you would have to run two different scripts.

    One would be the pediag25.sql script:
    Run pediag25.sql which is downloadable from :

    How to run this file?
    --Navigate to Datastore machine as a user with Oracle DBA privileges
    --Go to command a prompt

    --Ensure ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID are set for your login

    -- set ORACLE_HOME=<disk>:\Program Files\BMCSoftware\Datastore\ora10g\db_1 or export ORACLE_HOME=/opt/bmc/Datastore/ora10g/db_1


    -- Navigate to the directory where the pediag25.sql script resides.
    -- Run the pediag25.sql script:
    -- sqlplus / as sysdba
    -- SQL> @pediag25.sql 'username'

    -- SQL> @pediag25.sql 'PE'
    -- This will generate four report files: oracle_specific_log.html, portal_specific_log.html, portal_specific_log_proactive.html and portal_log_table_loggin_message.html in the directory where the script was run.
    -- Please send us these 4 html files

    -- The examples above use our default installation directories, instance name and instance user names. Please modify the commands above to accommodate your installation.
    -- Oracle user names are case sensitive. Please ensure you are using the correct case when entering the instance user.

    The portal_specific_log.html will tell you which performance managers are being used

    However, to get the number of CPUs you would need to run the following:

    sqlplus pe/pe@Bmcpds

    This will generate the find_number_processors_in_portal.html.

    The BMC Performance Manager Portal licensing uses the CPU counts for licensing so the second script needs to be run. Then we can use the output to determine usage.

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