Client Management: How to create and deploy Agent Rollouts to clients by using the push mode - INCLUDES VIDEO

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    How to create new install rollout from scratch to install the BCM agents on my endpoints?
    How to create new install rollout from scratch to install the BCM agents using push method?


    There are two ways of installing an agent with BCM, the push mode and the pull mode. The push mode is the most used as it can be used to deploy any device that the rollout server can reach, without any manual installation being required on each device.

    Make sure the devices are set properly to be deployable: Client Management: Why does my rollout fail to deploy? - Rollouts prerequisites.

    Step 1 : Create a Rollout Configuration

    • Browse to Global Settings > Rollout > Right Click and select  "Agent Rollout Wizard"
    • Make sure the options in the below screenshot are enabled on the Agent Rollout Page
    User-added image  
    • Give Rollout a Name
       User-added image

    This name can be important, as if it's also used as a rollout pull it will be easier to find it on the rollout portal of the assigned rollout server.
    The Operating System set here is of the type " Windows all Architecture " which support devices from Windows 7 to Server 2016 of 32bit and 64bit architecture. There is no need to set it to a specific OS/Architecture as this mode works perfectly fine.

    Step 2: Add Configuration details:
    • Set the Parent Name
       User-added image

    Note: this step only cover the basics. Most likely a relay list and/or a backup relay will have to be set instead.
    • Click Next
    Step 3: Add targets and Account credentials (Remember that this account must be a admin level account)  
    • Click on the highlighted option "Add a new administrator account"
    User-added image

    Once clicked the option, a list of a available account credentials added originally to Global Setting Account Credentials is displayed:

    User-added image

    It is possible to add new credentials as well, by clicking on "Create New Credentials".

    • Then populate device to which the BCM agent will be pushed:
       User-added image  
    • Click on Verify Rollout tab placed at the bottom of the screen
       User-added image

    The Verification Result must show as "Done" which means the credentials are valid and the Rollout can now be used to be deployed on these targets
    • Click close and hit finish.
       Step 4: Confirm the Confirmation page popup and start the rollout process.  
    • Check the option "Automatic Rollout"
       User-added image

    User-added image

    User-added image

    Once the rollout is installed successfully to the client , on the Status will show as Installed:

    User-added image



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