Client Management: How to create and deploy Agent Rollouts to clients by using the pull mode - INCLUDES VIDEO

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    I need to deploy agents manually, because windows shares are disabled on my network, how can I do?

    I have clients on which I can't install or reinstall an agent on through the push mode because they are in the WAN, how can I proceed?

    I want to install and start an agent when I'm done with reinstalling or installing a new device. I don't want to use the push mode. How can I do?

    How to create and deploy Agent Rollouts by using the pull mode?


    There are two ways of installing an agent with BCM, the push mode and the pull mode. The push mode is the most used but it happens that an administrator needs an executable for manual installation, executions through scripts or executions at the end of an os deployment among other scenarios. This is what the pull mode is made for.
    The pull mode could be particularly useful in case there are devices on the WAN that cannot be deployed through the push mode.

    1- Generate the pull

    The steps are the same that in the KA 000162830 which describes how to use the pull mode. A rollout configuration can be used either to deploy and agent through push, pull or both.

    If the rollout configuration is going to be used only for generating rollouts:

    • set the rollout configuration as in the KA 000162830
    • go to Servers, select the rollout to publish the pull files to
    • go to the tab "Assigned Schedule" and right click on "Generate":
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    If the push has already been used then the package is already made available on the portal. 

    2- Download the pull:  
    • Launch browser and type https://<Rollout Server Hostname or IP>:1611/rollout
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    • A list of available rollouts published to this server is displayed, e.g:
      User-added image
    • Click on the Auto extractible package name to download the file and copy it where it is required
    • Right click on the executable file and click Run as administrator to install/ uninstall / reinstall the BCM agent.
    Some examples of what can be done with a pull: 
    -   Client Management: How to deploy an agent through a GPO
    -   Client Management: How to deploy or reinstall agents that are in the WAN (No VPN)


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