How do I find if a certain metric is available in a MainView table or view?

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    Many of the MainView products including MainView for IMS, DB2 and CICS.


    How do I find if a certain metric is available in a MainView table or view? 


    A question often asked is, "Where can I find the MainView view which contains data for  -------- ?"  Where ------- is

    • the percent cpu usage of a CICS transaction 
    • the amount of CDSA storage allocated to a CICS task
    • the number of I/O requests that occurred for a file
    • the number of pages per second that a CICS region used over the last interval 
    The MainView products track thousands of metrics and finding the view or record which contains the one you want can be daunting.   MainView provides a powerful means of searching for metrics kept in our records or tables - the EZMETRIC view. This view is available as part of the MainView Data Dictionary feature of MainView Infrastructure. Each MainView product now has an EZMETRIC view.

    Here is what it looks like when EZMETRIC is invoked in MainView for CICS.


    EZMETRIC can only be used in target mode so set an appropriate target context before you invoke it.  The view allows you to see every element on every view, hidden or not, for the given product. And it provides links to a summary of these elements for convenient access.  

    For example, let’s say that you are  looking for a field in a MainView for CICS view whose description mentions “cpu” because you want to know which views display cpu percent used by a CICS region. 

    From the EZMETRIC view, hyperlink on Sum by Field Element + Table

    User-added image

    Now enter the INC Mask command to allow you to search the Field Help Title column for the word “cpu”

    User-added image

    You will now see a list of every element whose field help title begins with cpu. The first entry in the view (above) shows that element CRGICPUP displays the cpu time consumed by a CICS region in the interval. When you hyperlink on the element name you get this view:

    User-added image

    This shows you every view that includes this element and includes some details about it in those views.

    The EZMETRIC view is a very powerful tool. Consider using it the next time you ask yourself, "Where can I find the MainView the view which contains data for  -------- ."

    For more details about how to enable the EZMETRIC view for your MainView product see the MainView Administration Guide section titled Managing the MainView Dictionary.



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