Troubleshooting DMT UDM Promote issues

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    The following guide will be separated in sections outlined below. This article is also available in Spanish version KA000170040 here.

    1. Important information regarding the promote steps
    3. What logs/forms do I gather to troubleshoot validate steps and where do I look
    5. Best Practices
    7. Example error messages you may find
    9. Links to other useful DMT / UDM articles
    Before continuing this knowledge base article, it is important to understand the DMT Promote step and what it does.   Now that you have a general understanding of this process, lets move on to some important information regarding the promote steps. 

    Important information regarding the promote step
    • The Promote step either automatically or manually pushes all staging form records that are valid to their respective target forms within the BMC Remedy ITSM applications, based on the option selected for each Promote step within the job.
    • Each Promote step represents a data promotion for one staging form.
    • Data must be validated without error before it can be promoted in the validation step
    • If you selected the Create Only mode for the Validate step, the related Promote step only creates new records in the target forms. If you did not select the Create Only mode, the new records are created in the target forms and the existing records are updated.



    BMC Knowledge Management follows the rules described below when articles with multiple versions are promoted:

    • If an article has multiple versions, and the newest version is in a Draft state, the article with a version that is one less than the newest version will be promoted with a Published state. All the articles with a version less than that will be promoted with a Closed state.
    • If the newest version for an article is in the Published state, all the articles with a version less than the newest version will be promoted with a Closed state.
    Troubleshooting Promote steps

    All Promote step error details will be available in:  
    • CAI:Events form - Search for records with the Return code set to error. The comments in return message indicate the error that occurred.
    • The Error Management console - Errors found on staging forms are flagged. For details about fixing errors, see Managing data errors.
    • ARerror.log - This log file lists errors in running validation and promotion.
       Promote step typically stays in-progress due to:  
    • Unique Index Errors - Usually no action is required if this is the only error
    • Timeout Errors (ARERROR 92/93) - If this happens, there are no retries in UDM. This will need to be investigated and different times or why it timed out. You will need to reload the data in a new job
    • Bulk data loads and not enough threads to run the job along with other process on the server such as escalations running. See the following recommended settings
    • Null values mapped and pushed for fields that need a value
    Promote step errors are typically due to:  
    • Custom fields and selection/menu values in the target form not mapped in the load form and in the job
    • Custom workflow on load forms not coded properly
       Promote best practice

    Such as validate steps, setting a wait on promote gives you the chance to to review and fix data issues. It allows you the opportunity to verify  
    • All the data gets loaded on the staging forms
    • It allows you to cancel the job and copy to a new one after you fix the issues
    • If validation errors are present, fix them, and re-run the job from validate
    Essentially on each step you want to select the step, and click enable wait. Once each step is done, if you get an error on "Promote People Template" if you get an error you can correct them before going to the next step "Promote People Template Permission" mentioned in the   troubleshooting above 

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    Example error messages and how to correct them
    Promote stuck "in progress"Ensure the correct escalations are running, settings are correct found in the following guide
    Asset people and Asset relationship stuck in progressVerify mismatch of t he reconciliation jobs between workflow and data.  DMT:DMI:Check_ReconStatus was incomplete because it was not able to identify the correct job
    Promote step stuck "In Queued">> Open form : DMT:SYS:SequencingEngine
    >> Search with  DO NOT REMOVE on field : Parent_Job_GUID
    >> Check if record count is less than 280

    If Yes, then please perform the following steps.


    - Take a back up of all the records from the form  DMT:SYS:SequencingEngine in *.arx format and save it.
    - Delete the entries from the form for DO NOT REMOVE.
    - Import the csv sheet for DO NOT REMOVE from the server where you have the count as 280.
    -Verify the correct port is set for the plugin as 20000
    - Flush midtier cache and clear browser cache.
    - Restart AR server if possible.
    - Test the job again.
    ARERR 382 Unique Index violationVerify in the Load forms. For example CTM:LoadPeople form. Search for duplicate records in the job you are running. Delete the duplicates and run the job again. Typically this means that some thing already exist in the system
    UDM promote records twiceDMT:SYS:SequenceEngine form, there are duplicate records for PROMOTE steps for each of the forms. This is the main reason why records got promoted twice.

    To fix this issue, follow the steps below:

    1. Set timeout for Filter API RPC to 300 on Server Information form.

    2. Please open the DMT:SYS:SequencingEngine form on USER TOOL and check if there are any records in it. If yes, take a back up of all the records then perform the below steps.

    3. Disable all logs (ensure no logs are on).

    4. Search for records with 'Parent_Job_GUID' = "DO NOT REMOVE" in form form DMT:SYS:SequencingEngine and delete all matching records from the form.

    5. Open form DMT:SYS:StagingFormDependency in search mode (blank search screen) and then click the button Rebuild Sequence Table

    6. Wait for a few minutes (around 5-10 minutes) and then query form DMT:SYS:SequencingEngine and see if you have records with values with 'GO' prefix in data in field Stream.

    7. Revert back Filter API RPC to 180 (default value) on Server Information form.

    Promote stuck in progress and CAI:Events form has a record with 552 Truncation Error.Found as a defect, but if this is happening in later versions conduct the following. Gather combined API/SQL/Filter and Escalation logs. Look for the exact truncation error and inspect long running entries.
    Not enough licensesLook for -1 entries or error. Add remove the license needed for the product requiring the license
    Time out error with loading RKM articlesThu Nov 26 08:32:18 2015 390620 : Time-out during plug-in call--the request has been accepted by the plug-in server, but the plug-in has not yet responded : RPC: 1832-008 Timed out (ARERR 9940)
    Thu Nov 26 08:32:18 2015 390620 : An application command failed. (ARERR 4554)
    Thu Nov 26 08:32:18 2015 Application-Delete-Entry "RKM:KAMAsynchronousUpdate" 000000000009107
    Thu Nov 26 08:32:27 2015 390620 : Time-out during plug-in call--the request has been accepted by the plug-in server, but the plug-in has not yet responded : RPC: 1832-008 Timed out (ARERR 9940)
    Thu Nov 26 08:32:27 2015 390620 : An application command failed. (ARERR 4554)
    Thu Nov 26 08:32:27 2015 Application-Delete-Entry "RKM:KAMAsynchronousUpdate" 000000000009123
    Thu Nov 26 08:32:43 2015 Dispatch : Timeout during data retrieval due to busy server -- retry the operation (server name) ARERR - 93

    It was discovered that the 'Logging' level was set to "Minimal" for the AI 'RKM_Articles' job in UDM. After disabling logging for UDM the jobs are now promoting. **
    ARERROR 92 in a server groupVerify that you have the server group set up correctly found here
    The promote step of the UDM Load People Job is stuck in 'In Progress'. The following ARERR 382 is seen in the "CAI:Events" formCause

    System 'user_cache' table not in sync with data in User form, causing a Unique Index violation on insert statement


    Arreload utility was used to sync the user_cache table which resolved the issue
    Fail in promote step due to license count workflow & error - Not enough available licenses, add licenses and Click <Continue> or Cancel JobSupport raised Potential defect ID#: PD00008324 which is confirmed that it has to be a defect and the UDM job should not do License validations

    See attached List of workflow to disable for PD00008324
    ERROR (44897): ; The Location Information is not valid. Please use the menus provided on the 'Region', 'Site Group'After reviewing the LDAP job workflow, it was found that the SIT:Site data was not correct. Make sure the LDAP Input data is being mapped correctly. Missing Site Group on SIT:Site form and site group was being passed in the workflow. This caused the records to get stuck
    UDM/DMT Troubleshooting Video

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