Is there any functionality in TSCO to get 5 min interval data from VMware - vCenter Extractor Service ETL

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    Is it possible collect data at 5 minutes of resolution with VMware - vCenter Extractor Service ETL?



    5 minute granularity for all metrics

    Typically it is not recommended to enable 5 minute data collection for all metrics within the vCenter Extractor Service as, in general, there is a large subset of the data being collected that does not provide sufficient additional value at a higher granularity to offset the costs of data collection and storage. 

    The vCenter Extractor Service provides a feature that allows you to select which key performance indicators you want to import at a 5 minute granularity while continuing to import other data at at 15 minute or 60 minute granularity. 

    In order to set the ETL to collect data at 5 minutes of resolution, edit the run configuration of ETL. 
    In the VMware ETL configuration section, change the property   Aggregation period

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    This will import all the metrics at this resolution 

    This setting will significantly increase the data flow into TSCO since all the metrics will be import at 5 minutes of resolution. 
    If you really need to collect all the metrics at 5 minutes of resolution, please verify your sizing document and understand in your environment has been properly sized. If not, please contact support for a sizing review.  



    Recommended Configuration: 5 minute granularity for key performance indicators

    The ETL offer an option to collect only a subset of metrics at 5 minutes of resolution, while the other ones will be collected tat the resolution set in previous property. 

    To set this subset of metrics, there is the property   Custom detail import within the ETL configuration (Advanced). 

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    Q: When collecting a subset of metrics at high granularity what filtering options are available?

    There are three entity level filter options:  
    1.  Host/VM
    3.  Pool
    5.  Cluster
    So, you could select the 'Host/VM' level to get the VM data at a higher granularity (although you'll also pick up the Host data at that granularity as well).  Then, once you've selected the entity type you would select the metrics that you want at a higher granularity from that entity type. 

    It is necessary to select the Custom Detail Import' option first and then the additional selections will become available.  

    Q: For the 'Detailed metric set' option of 'Default' what metrics will be collected?

    When that option is set to Default it will collect the following metrics at 5 minute granularity: 

    The 'Default' selection is basically the same starting list you get when you select the 'Custom' option. 


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