How do I enable Debug FTS Plugin logs in ARSystem 1805 and above?

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    BMC Remedy AR System Server 1805 and 1808


    How do I enable Debug FTS Plugin logs in ARSystem 1805 and above?


    Note: These steps have changed for 1805 and later versions.  Only use these steps if using 1805 or above.  For versions 9.1 through 9.1.04, use KA 000026783

    1. Browse to the following directory: <ARSystemInstallDirectory>\pluginsvr\fts\secondary\
    3. Open the 'log4j_pluginsvr.xml' file in a text editor.
    5. Search for the following entry:
          <logger name="com.bmc.arsys.plugins.ftsplugin" additivity="false">
              <level  value="warn" />
              <!-- use FTSLog as the appender for logging to the log file -->
              <appender-ref ref="PluginLog" />
    7. Change the 'level value' from "warn" to "debug".
    9. You need to restart the plugin server for the changes to be read.  You can use one of the 2 following methods:
    • Use the AR System Server Group Console/Manage Processes  to restart the "BMC:FtsJavaPluginServer" for the correct host
    • Restart the Remedy AR Server, or terminate the Java process pointing to the 'fts' directory (the armonitor process will then automatically restart it) for the changes to take effect.
      Note: Further details on restarting the Remedy AR Server can be found here:    Starting and stopping the BMC Remedy AR System server 
      The following file will then have been created:    arftsplugin-searcher.log
      The file will be located in the directory:    <ARSystemInstallDirectory>\ARSystem\Arserver\Db\


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