ReconciliationMergeStatus not working correctly after increasing the Site field length on SIT:Site.

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    Customer is seeing the following error when CIs are merged from a staging dataset to an intermediate dataset:
    <WARNING > <TID: 140068682467072> /* Wed Dec 12 2018 09:32:29.0272 */  CMI Failed with output message <ARERR[120069] Attribute value does not fall within the limits defined for this attribute.
    <WARNING > <TID: 140068682467072> /* Wed Dec 12 2018 09:32:29.0272 */     Attr Name: Site --- Character value exceeds max length> and return code <2> Reverting to CI

    They also mentioned that the RE merge status was not updating to Merge Done with Errors as expected.



    The length of the Site field had been changed on SIT:Site but not on the BMC.CORE form


    The customer used CMDB driver to increase the length of Site on BMC_BaseElement so the CIs are now merged successfully.
    The CIs that previously failed to merge were set with the correct RE merge status looking at the logs.

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