Out Of Office reply

Version 3

    When you are set up to receive email notifications, any update/activity in the thread fires an email to the list of subscribers of that forum.

    This email is comes from forums@developer.bmc.com


    An interesting situation happens when someone from the list of subscriber is Out of office. When the update email meets your OOO rule); which in turn creates an entry to the thread and everyone gets the update. 

    As a thread can be updated by replying to the notification email (contains the line below)

    To reply to this message, either reply to this email (recommended) or visit the message page at .......(url of the thread)


    A standard Out of office reply says- "Out of Office:..........." in the subject which BMC Communities platform is able to recognize and remove. But if you set up a customized manual rule instead of the standard OOO which only sends one response to each email address, we have a loop of automated emails from BMC Communities and individual emails which end up spamming the inboxes of everyone subscribed to that Community.


    To avoid such situations we request you to kindly use the standard OOO notification functionality and not set up a manual rule.

    Let us all keep our forums clean even when we are on vacation.