Remedy - Atrium - Normalization setting "Allow New Product Catalog Entry" does not create product entries in Product Catalog.[1]

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    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium Core


    AtriumCore Normalization Engine 9.1.04 and later.


    Customer checked the setting to "Allow New Product Catalog Entry" for a dataset. However, no entries are created in the product catalog.
    As a result, no data is normalized, regardless of the class, and all records in the dataset receive a Normalization Status of  'Normalization Failed'.
    We also ensured that, as is documented, in order to allow new products creation, the dataset had also checked 'Allow Unapproved CI'.


                Sample setting           
                Both settings were also checked in the Default Dataset Normalization, from the Atrium Core Configuration Manager Dashboard ( Applications >  Atrium Core > Configuration Manager Dashboard ) as shown below:           
                User-added image           



    BMC.CORE.CONFIG:BMC_CMDBComponent value for com_bmc_ne_system_CreateNewProducts is set to FALSE


    - Enabling the DEBUG log level for the Normalization API, the plugin server and the job, we were able to see in the NEApi log that this setting is not in effect:

    2018-12-03 15:45:44,896 DEBUG [pool-7-thread-4] ( - User <no context>, <TID: 000000058> : Querying PCT with qualifier: 2018-12-03 15:45:44,897 DEBUG [pool-7-thread-1] ( - User <no context>, <TID: 000000055> : getNormalizedInfo()-Input Values:ClassNameKey = <BMC.CORE:<BMC_ComputerSystem>;DatasetId=<AJG Import>; AllowUnapproved=<true>;CreateNewProduct=<false>;< NEQueryInfo{DictionaryId =<null>FileInfo =<NULL>FingerPrintKey =<null>NameInfo =<NENameInfo{Product Name =<VMware7,1>
    - Checking the 'Normalization Dataset Configuration Options' form ( NE:DatasetOptions ) we validated that the 'NewProductHandling' for this dataset was set to 'Create Entry in Product Catalog'.

    - The settings in the 'Default Dataset Normalization' configuration in the Dashboard are used as default for any dataset, and enable to create new product catalog entries. But there is also a backend form that stores the same settings.


       - Search in the BMC.CORE.CONFIG:BMC_CMDBComponent form where in the 'Custom' tab, where the 'PropertyName' is equal to 'com_bmc_ne_system_CreateNewProducts'. If the setting is 'FALSE', as below, must be changed to 'TRUE'.

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    For further reading on how to do a successful data normalization, please check Knowledge Article 000119958: How to Normalize data successfully (


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